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Our partners are our most important asset.

192 Billion Dollars...

Is the number the global Cybersecurity Services market is expected to reach by 2028.

The Challenge

There is a worldwide shortage of qualified security professionals, while new Cybersecurity threats are emerging more frequently than ever before. Consumers have growing concerns about security and corporations are facing new security challenges due to the changes in the workplace environment. The pressure has been put on IT service providers to ensure their customers are protected from cyber-attacks.

The Solution

With a shortage of qualified security professionals, the demand for alternative solutions is on the rise. Technologies which automate security are in focus, rapidly accelerating the growth of the cybersecurity services sector. SecuSolutions has developed several security services that automate critical frontline security processes, help reduce the dependency on human resources, and minimize the probability of attack.

The Opportunity

We provide our partners with the means to provide their customers with critical security services that are in high demand. We do not require our partners to make large “up-front” purchases, reducing the cost to market entry. Based on the program selected and their respective support requirements, our partners can choose to fully manage the service offerings, or have us do it. Our partners can choose from several white label options or use our standard label.

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White Label

If your goal is to build your company’s brand, this is the right option for you. Our white label program puts us in the back providing support where you need it, and your company out front interfacing with customers and building your brand.

We offer several branding options depending on the service your company wants to offer. Web Portal & GUI, Reports, Courses, Lessons and Marketing Collateral are some examples of what we can offer.

Several customizable support options are also available.

Standard Label

Companies that have a diversified portfolio of products or services would benefit from this program. We support the services and backend operations, while our Partners promote the SecuSolutions brand. We provide our Partners with access to all of our marketing and sales collateral. Several customizable support options are available.

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Affiliate Program

This program rewards our Affiliates that refer SecuSolutions to their customers, contacts or networks.

Once a formal introduction has been made, SecuSolutions engages the prospect and handles all aspects of communication, discussion and negotiation with the prospect. Our Affiliate is kept in the loop at every stage along the way.

Upon a successful outcome, our Affiliate is compensated for the introduction.

Partner Support

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Service without support is like a car without tires. It’s not going anywhere. We offer our Partners a full lineup of support offerings to choose from. Wherever you need support, we have you covered. We’re in this together.

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Security Sales Training

Selling Security can be challenging. Identifying the need, helping the prospect to realize the threat and presenting the right solution is a skill that needs to be developed. SecuSolutions can help, increase your closing ratio.

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Product and Service Training

Knowing which service to offer for the problem at hand is critically important. Each customer will have unique concerns, requiring specific services to suit their needs. SecuSolutions, ensures that our partners understand our products as well as we do.

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Marketing Support

The success of sales is dependent on good marketing efforts. It makes the sales process easier and ensures a consistent flow of opportunities. SecuSolutions can work with our Partners marketing team to craft a message that gets noticed and brings in leads.

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Customer Sales Support

Our Partners never have to go it alone. Where prudent, SecuSolutions can become involved in the customer sales process. We can offer product & service demonstrations, customer presentations as well as negotiations. As little or as much as you need us. We are there for you.

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