How do Hackers gain access to sensitive information?
They ask for it.

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What is Phishing?

Phishing is a technique that manipulates individuals into revealing sensitive information via email, often for malicious gain. It is estimated that phishing attacks account for more than 80% of reported security incidents. These attacks can escalate to ransomware and malware attacks, which have the potential to cripple a company’s operations, including business and sales activities. The aftermath of a phishing attack can be costly, with cleanup expenses ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to as much as $100K. Additional damage can occur from the intangible damage to consumer trust and confidence.

SecuPhish is a fully managed phishing simulation service that is operated by our own certified security professionals. SecuPhish is used to conduct controlled, simulated phishing attacks with the goal of coercing a targeted user into divulging sensitive information that adversaries are often looking for. From the collected data, we generate reports highlighting user actions that may put the company or individual at risk of an attack. Once the report has been delivered, we offer training to dramatically reduce the probability of a successful attack by a real adversary.

Managed Phishing Simulations

Real-world threats do NOT use DIY phishing simulation applications and neither do we.

DIY applications have their place, just not in the phishing simulation services space. Those applications cannot provide the means to effectively launch a successful phishing campaign that will get the results you are paying for. Simply put, they are neither realistic nor convincing.

DIY platforms require specialized knowledge and resources to operate, as well as a significant amount of time to set up, deploy, and monitor. DIY templates lack authenticity and relevance to the intended target and are ineffective at gaining target interaction. The result is wasted time and money.

All managed phishing campaigns provided by SecuSolutions are planned, authorized, tested, deployed, and monitored by our certified security staff, so our partners and customers don’t have to.

Our campaigns produce the results our partners and customers expect.

Don’t place your trust. in an application. Our security experts will help your organization minimize its exposure to phishing attacks.

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The Benefits

The cost of a system outage due to a security breach, ransomware attack, or other malicious attack can carry a substantial negative financial and reputational impact. Phishing simulations are the best way possible to measure a corporation’s awareness level to external dangers. Our powerful reporting capabilities help pinpoint user actions, allowing for the quick identification of organizational weaknesses. Follow-up training can be provided to help users recognize the signs of malicious emails and phishing attempts. This dramatically reduces the probability of a successful attack that could cause system compromise or downtime.

Improve Security Awareness

  • Heighten user awareness
  • Reduce the probability of a breach
  • Improve staff morale – reduce negative communication about inadequate security protocols spoken internally or externally

Boost Consumer Confidence

  • Demonstrate the commitment to security and safety of client data
  • Improve corporate image

Maintain Investor and Shareholder Confidence

  • Mitigate risks to the corporation
  • Demonstrate a proactive vs reactive stance on security issues
  • Tactically Deployed covert or overt phishing simulations that are strategically planned together with our partners or customers to ensure maximum results.
  • Painstakingly Detailed email templates and landing pages that look as authentic as any original might.
  • Closely monitored activity and user actions that measure the effectiveness of the campaign and level of awareness of the user.
  • Pinpoint reports that reveal user actions, that help to determine problematic areas of concern.
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Phishing Campaign Strategy Session

Free prelaunch meeting with the client to define scope, conduct intelligence gathering, and to determine goals for the campaign.

Phishing Campaign Results Review Session

Free post campaign session to discuss the results of the phishing simulation, review user actions, make recommendations, and plan the next campaign.

Advanced Reporting

Keep track of your company’s ROI. Powerful reports that provide important information that track user actions, and measured improvement over time.

Archivable Data

Always available all the time. Need to refer in time back to a specific campaign or user group? We archive our campaigns for reference based on our archiving options.

Custom Developed Email Templates*

Real world adversaries don’t use recycled email templates found in DIY Phishing simulation applications. They craft their own, and so do we. Each template is developed using the latest spam-filter evasion techniques, ensuring that emails reach the intended targets.

Custom Developed Landing Pages*

Landing pages that match the emails templates we develop. A poorly developed landing page will easily be detected by a suspicious user. We go to great lengths to ensure they look as authentic as the real deal.

Fully Managed

Each campaign we deploy is assigned to a master phisher who will monitor the campaign from deployment to report delivery.

Whitelisting Support

Whitelisting instructions are offered to all our partners or customers to ensure the emails hit their intended targets.

Scheduled Campaigns

To ensure effectiveness, careful planning goes into each campaign to trickle out the emails over a period of time. We will separate groups of users to avoid alerting users, and to limit the detection of hypersensitive spam filters.

Expertly Executed Covert or Overt Campaigns

If your mission is to covertly record user actions without them knowing for a later discussion, or to provide an instant “teaching moment” by way of a message or instructional video, we have you covered.


Partner or Customer email support provided within 24 hours of a reported issue.

*Note a total of 4 custom emails templates and 4 custom developed landing pages are included in the yearly license agreement.

Fee-Based Options

Additional Phishing Campaigns

If four campaigns are not enough to run in one year, more campaigns can be deployed. Each additional campaign includes one customized email template and landing page.

Remote Online Training Sessions

Do you need in-person training for groups or individuals? Would you like to host an event on cybersecurity training? We offer customizable remote training sessions with experienced security professionals that can address any specific security training requirement.

Spear Phishing One Off Campaigns

If you have a specific need to conduct a special spear phishing campaign on select individuals or groups, we can support your needs.

Customized Video for Inclusion in Campaign

Get the message across in an impactful way with an instructional video message that can be triggered by a user action. This “teaching moment” is ideal for companies that want to reach the users with a message that will help them to understand the dangers of their action.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Fully Managed Phishing Simulation?

A fully managed phishing simulation includes a series of critically important elements that are imperative to a successful phishing campaign. The aim is to get the user to commit an action, open emails, click on links, and submit data.

Special emphasis is placed on the customized development of Phishing email templates that are developed by SecuSolutions. Each template we develop possesses all the elements of an email that one might expect to receive in their inbox. Care is also taken to ensure the email templates do not contain elements that are easily detected by spam filters. Each template that is used, is developed by a security professional to ensure that the probability of success is as high as can be expected.

The landing pages that we develop are also created by a security professional who pays close attention to its authenticity and appearance so that the end user is unassuming and is more likely to commit to submitting data or committing an action. That is the goal of a managed phishing campaign effort.

Is an off-the-shelf or online DIY Phishing service reliable?

Phishing is a the most common vector for an adversary to achieve a foothold within an organization. The effectiveness of a phishing attack is only as good as the ruse that is being used. The email authenticity and appearance must be bang on for someone to be tempted to click on or submit data. Unfortunately, DIY or off-the-shelf simulation services often miss this mark and have been proven to be ineffective. Real-world adversaries do not use these platforms, so why should you?

A practical test that is conducted in a controlled environment is the best way to measure a user’s reaction to a simulated phishing attack. It is a true test of awareness.

What data does a phishing simulation collect?

A phishing simulation test report will contain user actions such as opened emails, clicked links and submitted data. These actions produce variable results that can be measured and used to heighten user awareness and mitigate risk to the corporation.

How is a managed phishing simulation conducted?

Since all of our phishing simulations are fully managed, there are several unique options available to the company that has initiated the campaign. These options will be discussed in our pre-launch session.

The steps are as follows:

  • A questionnaire is provided to the client to gather vital information.
  • A pre-campaign meeting is scheduled and held with the client and a strategy is put in place for the campaign.
  • The email and landing pages are developed by SecuSolutions, and the campaign is launched according to an agreed schedule.
  • Results from the campaign are delivered and a wrap-up meeting is held with the client.
What is the difference between a covert and an overt campaign?

A covert campaign is done without the targeted users having prior knowledge of the phishing campaign. This approach is often preferred by many companies due to its realism.

An overt campaign is done with the targeted user being aware that a campaign is being conducted. The campaign emails typically include a “teaching moment”. This teaching moment can include a pop-up message that appears after a link is clicked or data is submitted. The message appears on a landing page that we develop and can include tips on identifying a phishing email, it can also include a short training video on phishing.

In either case, the user data is recorded and presented in the report provided to the partner reseller.